To the few poets i know

Aunty B, because of the life that you live, I also hope to one day be a fountain of hope and inspiration.

Thank you for only remembering me when you want to talk about a woman, Younglan.

Hi Lardo! I pray your album goes everywhere you hope for it to go and even farther than you ever imagined.

Everyone has said it all but trust me, no one has been able to say enough about you, Leon.

Thankfully, brothers are not only one’s mother’s male children, else I wouldn’t have been able to call you one, Ola

Paulyn, my love. Do not let pressure get the better of you for the remainder of your service year. Live a little.

In the son of Adidi, I know a man that will walk over a mile and more for those he calls his friends.

The ‘pretty little thing’ that lives in the city of the Knight. I can’t wait to see you, Tochi.

A handful of the 20th century living in the 21st. In you, I see a worthy overthinker and a friend, Vera.

Tomide Abdul

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