Synonyms of me

Red and Yellow T Chart

if Gotham won’t be mad
Batman is synonymous with who I am
fairness is breakfast, everyone must eat
because Bi a ba n’so’fin fe’ru,
ka ma gba’gbe ojo ti o mu omo eni

if the dictionaries won’t be stingy to share
not because I know Mariam, Oxford or a long man
I should be put beside ‘punctual”
and i should appear in front of ‘diligent’
those adjectives best describe who I am

if I have planted a smile on your face
carried out an act of service to/for you
been a shoulder when you needed a finger,
from the good things a man can be in life,
spare me a synonym.

Bi a ba n’so’fin fe’ru,
ka ma gba’gbe ojo ti o mu omo eni

“When making a law (deciding a punishment) for the people, let us not forget the day our child will err”

Abdul Tomide

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