Let me show you what i mean


What do the hieroglyphs say
About the world and her members
Is there a war between heaven and hell
Why are they rushing towards doom
Like there will ever be an end
Like man would ever choose
Between everlasting condemnation,
And a heaven that promises colors and light
If one travels for this long,
He becomes a citizen of where he stayed
For humanity is not an act,
It simply is what it is, here on earth
the steadiness of a broken heart
when it sees a bucket of blood
is not different from a lady’s leg
when a man’s fingers draw pleasure maps.
the way to the church is not same with silence
or ignorance, or even a deafened conscience by birth,
there’s a path for ink to overflow the parchments
for rivers to break the dam of fear
for the water to speak the liquid language of her bed.
There are headless shoulders
and faithless beliefs in the heart of what you exist for
let me be a guide to the lips that aren’t crooked.

Ruddapoet & Victor Oyedele

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