My body and soul were deserts at birth
Until I was assigned a name to be called
Two brains to think. In the head, between the legs
The head is one place I love and hate to visit
Forgiveness resides there and it gives people resits
It houses a band of regret dances and songs of grief
It teaches the eyes to wear a contact lens of pretense
Stores chapters of lots of stories to remain untold
It mastered the art of telling a lie until it is the truth
The art of helping other kingdoms attached to it
Inside of me to make good choices, to grow.
The one between my legs sometimes exaggerates
When it should lie, it rises to point to sitters
Admiring the Spanish and London team they carry.
People who have visited both places are always impressed
For one, they recommend me to others as a gem
For the other, they prefer to keep it to themselves

Wildkhard [TA]

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