You may say i’m a dreamer


To write a book
To write a book and adapt to a movie
Blue Podunk

We mock killing birds by singing their songs
And twisting our necks in sync with theirs
The breeze is in the subconscious till our hair is messed up
Blue Podunk has no breeze, no birds, just kids
Kids with no shadow
1 million for a good team to give them shadows
Another 10 for cameras and all a movie needs
How much for the underdog cast?
But first, the book.
Endless money years to keep my mind at rest
To sit 8 hours a day at the beach and scribble
Fetch stories from crying shadow-less kids
Switch the old lady’s walking stick with a chair
And make it clear she doesn’t have to walk
Or farm, or hunt, or pound, or hawk
To give her a name that means ‘light”
To kneel and let her bless me
Another 5 for her new clothes and house and food
And light to give her children shadows
To tell the world that African children have voices, and faces, and shadows.


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