A floor above

And if you’re comfortable up
Remember there was one before
Coming up is one from the floor
There is enough to fill the cup

So while it’s your turn
Live in peace
If you want to, be nice
To everyone apiece
Heaven/clout shouldn’t be why
This, you should do for love

For wherever you feel you are
Someone else has been there, done that
Dear once upon a time, spoilt brat
We will one day read your memoir

These words you read
You may abuse
Or choose to use
It’s fine
We don’t have to agree
Preek wey fall go rise, d one wey rise go fall

Ìgbéraga ni ìgbéniṣánlẹ
Tó bá kù díẹ̀ kí ọmọ olóore jìn sí kòtò, mànàmáná á ṣiṣẹ́ imole fún uǹ

Wildkhard [TA]

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