Ancient Egypt: poems from 1570—1085 B.C.

1. In death, people are forgotten but books make them to be remembered.

2. The souls of men would cease to exist, but the contents of a book is never forgotten.

3. The setting is that of a garden with beautiful flowers and a gentle flowing stream

4. These lines express an absolute surrender to the beloved. Total commitment and an undying love.

5. To emphasize that books help us remember people (authors and famous people who have been written about)

6. Autobiographies, memoirs, fictional works. “Half of a yellow sun” “Long walk to freedom”

7. Man, book, house, tomb, chapels, temple. These images are all akin to man

8. Love is synonymous to beauty, and beauty is the essence of most gardens

9. I want to be remembered for the lives I changed, the battles I fought and the impact I made.

10. Victor Oyedele, a true nationalist who sets behind him every form of segregation resulting from tribe, and religion. I am first of human, Nigerian and African before all else. Lover of sound mind and a heart that seeks to know what spirits know.

Victor Oyedele

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