This one person


“Welcome to our hotel”
The first view of west view hotel
A stunner behind a counter
“Here is your key card”
Her fingernails were clean and blue
Her tie was choking her neck lines
Her skirt too tight, eyes too bright
“Thank you, I think I like you”.
A stained smile, slacked lens
Christian mother arms, and a pen marked ’10’
“My mothers name is Ozozoma too, she’s from around here”
She resembled an emoji
Both hands to her chin and eyes dropping
“I’ll help you with your bag” she motioned
One step away from her seat
I figured her legs were incomplete
“Thank you. I can manage, there’s a lift”
She reminded me of great grandma
With eyes that darkness strolled into
Yet, argues about the color of light.
Ozozoma of Benin.
The stunner behind the counter.


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