Once Upon A Novice

First Love was a best friend’s neighbour,
Kiss before you open letters had done the job.
JSS one I was shy, so I’ll always run;
Twice I hid beneath my best friend’s bed.
She’ll come, she’ll sit, she’ll wait for me
The definition of failure is what my heart did to me.
I’ll send her letters about how I’ll kiss her
Then I’ll change the path I walk when she’s sitting by the road.
I’ll write her letters thrice every week,
But run to hide; my heart was very weak.

I became scared that I might lose her,
So I sat one rainy Sunday and waited.
One could hear my heartbeat from a mile away,
I was scared as a mice was of a cat.
She was shy too, Oh God! She was shy,
She had held a book to shield her face.
Once in a while she’ll stare and smile,
She had looked like a wilting rose.
No one, absolutely no one needed to tell me
I was in Love.

Younglan Louis

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