The Man Without a Name

unknown Man

There once was a man from the east,
Whose face was like that of a beast.
He was loved by queens,
And his loss were wins,
Everyday his life was a feast.

He lived in the palace of kings,
And diamonds were all on his rings,
He played like a toy
But his heart was coy
He wanted all the precious things.

The beast man was pleased with his deeds,
Playing fool in the sight of the kids.
For their hearts were clay,
Which he mold to play
And then plant in them evil seeds.

Decades past, he never grew of.
In winter, he never was cold.
His plan was in range
It all seemed too strange.
As days past he became more bold.

The beast man had eyes on the crown.
Even though he lived like a clown.
The man had no name,
We read of his fame,
Legend says he died with a frown.

Younglan Louis

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