Picture Prompt Poetry III

Zander i know you, Megalodon too
In swirls and twirls you know, i see the sea.
On tracks where life runs i depend on you
As i would incline to my enemy.

In a nutshell, i’m selfish if i may
Coil back to make you resemble a prey.
We’re a fine fiction for whatever swims,
The circus is what the camera films.

So follow the leader, see what he’ll do
What’s sweet as honey should come from a bee.
Round and round in circles circling two
This chain is a dance only for the sea.

As you hoot, rattle and tinkle away
Climb out ashore to the call of the Frey
When Njorth accepts, he would bless all our limbs
As our wings will wheel wholly without trims.


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