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The world is evil,
And would end soon, they say.
We are the inhabitants of this world
The world that ends soon,
But this fault is not in our star(earth)
This fault is in ourselves.

We failed to realize we are earth’s proprietors
We stand from a distance pointing accusing fingers
No one ready to take the blame, or
Face the game of finding a solution
We just party, cheer
And feel like philosophers when we talk about an ending world
“Our ending world”

Innocents are dying,
Criminals are climbing lofty ladders
Not for their heads to drop,
But to sit in a position that ought to have crucified them.
Children are starving,
The rich are craving new cars they won’t drive
New houses they won’t stay in
More money they won’t spend
Fancy food on the table their bodies would reject.

The poor would spend time talking
Not about making their lives better
But about how the rich deprived them a good life

Maybe it’s time we stopped talking,
And pointing fingers
Maybe it’s time to face our problems squarely,
Maybe this is how it all ends.

Victor Oyedele

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