Single, Lonely & Ashamed

Everyone knows I am capable,
I’m well able
To give out care,
To show I’m here.

I am great at sacrificing,
Good advising,
I coo to love,
Hell, I am love!

But I’m still lonely and single.
When I mingle,
I’m just a bore.
I smell, I’m sure.


They say I’m hot but don’t choose me
What do you see?
You call and text,
Talk about sex,

Flirt and water wet appetite
For vain respite
But nothing stays,
He always plays.

I’m just another casualty,
Bruised casually.
I am ashamed,
Single and blamed.


Many are meant to be this way;
Gay and astray,
Happy and sad,
Cautious but bad.

Selfishness wants but never gives,
When someone leaves,
Then they complain,
Go down the drain.

Some are meant to be this bitter,
Light won’t glitter.
Love is their hate,
They can’t relate.


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