Between The Rules And The Ruler

Jungle fever,
the people shiver,
who would sanction the king,
the chief, or we the subjects?
For we now seem like puppets,
to the same king we crowned.

The same ruler who came to beg,
now shuts our mouths with pegs,
telling us not to ask questions,
in a land where we were born,
out hearts are now torn,
our patience is worn,
we no more await the king’s death,
we want a new dawn.

We deserve freedom after speech,
not only freedom before speech.
Who would lead this aluta?
this “Victoria must ascertia,”
we can’t keep feeling inferior,
we can’t be relying on the preacher,
we need to fight for freedom.
Not with guns and knives,
nor killing each other,
but with our tongue and voice.

Together we can,
if only we stop acting like robots,
birth came with no instructions,
neither did life present any,
but we believed so much in our king,
that we were blinded by alliance,
tribalism and crazy loyalty,
enduring the reign of autocracy,
forgetting we are free & have democracy,
the leaders have failed us,
we can’t wait for the gods no more,
we’ll start fighting for what is right.


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  • bob

    July 20, 2018 at 9:35 am

    do you like fortnite


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