They Will Forget The Good You Do

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Always learn to give love to you
Like good medicine, it will heal.
For times when self-hate will come through,
Love, like pillars, will keep you still.

Always learn to give love to you
Then to others out of goodwill
Some will forget the good you do
And of you, will gladly speak ill.

Let us give without keeping scores
Yes, they will fail to remember.
What is mine can also be yours
Let’s be Santa in December.

Let us give without keeping scores
Let’s make a stranger a member.
A friend can repay peace with wars
The bad is how we remember.

It is a habit we can’t beat,
So we listen to the odd sound,
In the room that we now can seat
Comfortably and lost the found.

Now in our own tongue we greet
All the good we can’t see around,
In the voice of our own Street,
Not minding the foot print on ground.

Sippinging much from ungrateful ink
Writing appreciations I hate.
Speaking of all the things I think
All you call good,my brain can’t date.

Memory finding hard to sink,
Forgetfulness never saw fate,
Can’t even remember the link,
I know the bad one day will wait.

Yes! Those goods are never enough,
cause they grow from been rocks to dust.
I’ve become a forgotten stuff,
things I do to you is a must.

Yes! Those goods are never enough.
That gratitude, you should adjust.
I stapled words to make you tough,
in those short poems which were just.

My good deeds always fade away.
Think of it like the morning dew.
The one that made your smile to stay,
has gone home to sleep like adieu.

My good deeds always fade away,
like the hungover caused by brew.
Maybe they’ll burn someday like hay
so its ashes may cause you flu.

Ruddapoet Rudolph
The good you do, they will forget.
Once the devil hands them a toy,
Their existence, you will regret.
A man, they will address as “boy”.

The good you do, they will forget.
They will hate you as they did Troy.
Like a fish trapped in a fire net,
your pain, they will gladly enjoy.

I have seen what men can become
When an angel meets partial doom.
They will dance and toast with rum,
Forgetting the light in their gloom.

I have seen what men can become.
Just as they did to the bridegroom,
They won’t fail to call you a Scum.
And if you flinch, hate will consume.


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