I Am My Own God


Like God,i know me well.
When i sin, i can tell i err.
I never drown in fear.
I amend,don’t compare at all.
So many times i crawl,
Climb up the heights then fall below.
And that is how i know
The ugly face of woe lurking.

I get back to working,
Concluding the hurting is real-
Deciding when to heal.
Because this God won’t kneel to man.
There is no way he can.
I formulate the plan to start
With forgiving the heart.
To be right and depart from hell.

The thunder in my words
can bring the air and birds back home.
My ink can make a Rome
and build an iron dome as sky.
I’m god in my own high.
My feague fingers do try to make,
lines, curves, the bread I bake.
On this page, I can take your life.

My pen can make a wife,
carry the pain and strife of man.
My clay can maim an Anne,
give her a stick and ban her hips.
I make my words eclipse,
And when my raindrop drips, I smile.
My tears can make fertile,
the pain in ink can style a face.

For power we all strive
For it,we die to live like Christ.
Our innocence we sliced.
In front of poltergeist, we served,
Being fearless and nerved.
Like supreme being reserved the old,
Human freedom we fold.
Speeches,movements we mold,no joy.

My ladder I destroy
Turned to an alter boy,a priest
Now of all he’s the least.
Can’t even feed on yeast,all me
Striving real hard to be
Who buys respect for free, that God
Of me I can’t defraud
To my yes lone I nod, power.


I am my own small god
My Moses has a rod, trust me
He also parts red sea,
When it’s dry completely, he leaps.
Israelites flood in heaps
Some journeys are for keeps, some drown
My head still wears its crown
In Moses I’m renown. Go round,

My prove roots in the ground
My deity is sound and sure
My breed always stays pure
Any breach, I bring cure. Blood runs
To beget few more Suns
I’m a god, my word guns. No mails.
I breathe, my being hails
Though, sometimes Moses fails, I’m god.


In the beginning, let
There be god,and beget i came
From the smoke of vast flame,
I feel not at all tame to be
Roaming nearby the tree
Of will power, so free and dom.
Fuck and mold all atom
To be, in my kingdom decore

Creature bow and adore.
In my image i bore them all
The task of my loof spall
In plot. My eyes enthrall them in
Nous. No god dare login
To my enormous inn. I make
Merry with wine and bake
With the fluffy snowflake round fence


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