Poetry: How To Tell A Lai


The lai is a French form. It’s a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab. The lines with an “a” rhyme use 5 syllables; the “b” rhyme lines have 2 syllables.

See examples done by some poets below:

Introduce the Lai:
It’s not a virelai.
Frenchman, don’t know why.
With lines that untie.
Are rhymes if you try,
Because so have i

The syllables eye
Is her own ally.
5 and 2 are wry
9, length’s alibi.
As some would imply,
A Lai’s worth the try

A Lai starts like this
watch, so you don’t miss
A rhyme
Following in bliss
twice, this rhyme should kiss.
and chime.
See, do not dismiss
Words that try to piss
and climb.

Lai, from France abyss
with words to the lips.
A Prime
message with no diss
with endings of flis.
Now time
small to reminisce,
Lai, not to remiss
The mime.

Even when you try,
This can make you cry,
Be wise.
Lai doesn’t mean lie,
Careful as you fly
Sometimes,right ask why?
While wrong enjoys dye,

Truth,that you can’t buy,
Be it low or high,
You can touch the sky
Even when you’re shy.
So Guys,
Now, this is a Lai,
See it with your eye.

Two 5’s and one 2
Before you to chew
This lie can be true
Like my lacey shoe
Feast day ,
Funny as Zuahn’s stew.
I have been there boo;

Two 5’s and one 2
For a man with blue
Who loves old kung fu
Made for a great few.
Tell a lai with heu,
See a better view.
Good day.

You must stay concise
Flaws come with a price.
Now try.
Be soft like french-fries
That they fantasize
Then sly.
Leave words of huge size
They expose all lies
Set! Fly!

Learn to be precise
Keep contact with eyes
But why?
There, lies fear’s demise
Do not be surprise
I pry
This skill is my prize,
Thence, I’ll coin more styles.
My Lai

Ink balls down margin,
Uncorks imagine.
The pen.
The sheet is engine.
Lingo with pidgin.
Pre ten.
Nine from origin
Lines form it own gin,
Gives gen.

Lai, is the French win.
Poetry style kin
To ken.
Scribe words with fin.
Five and two there in,
That’s ken.
Lives in poesy inn.
A and bee rhyme, pin.
Style Ven.

Let me tell a lie
On writing a lai
Two souls on a tie.
Colours dye and tye.
No fool.
So truthful, oh my!!
A lie to get by.
Half full.

Let me tell a lie
On writing a lai
Horns, bull.
Covered in white dye.
Stay alive, don’t die.
Be cool.
Suffocated tie.
A lie to get by.
No rule.

To spin out a tale
Of whales and a tail,
I sigh.
Craft lines that will sail
Strictly for the mail,
Or fly.
French verses for sale
Triple for the ale,
A lie.

Somewhere in the vale
Skeltonic, a trail
Mouths open to wail
For the holy grail,
Tongues tie.
‘A’ weighs more on scale
I am done, oh hail!
A lai.


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