Poetry: Cheers To Us!

cheers dear friend

Wow! Really,thank you!
Even when we didn’t try,
Life voted us in.

From the corners where we hid,
The rains dug and found our seed.

This is inner peace,
A keen search for inner piece;
Deep. A warm release.

Let us throw caution and say,
Oh, what a beautiful waste.

This is cheers to us!
To moments we died and rose.
We broke that concrete.

Let us throw caution away!
Cheers to those who hate to pray!

Wink, drink, think no more.
Pour out your hearts to the brim.
No drop left to chance.

Sing celebratory psalms,
Few more gulps to calm some nerves.

Here is to our world,
The one we so long desire.
Let the clinks click loud.

To self acclaimed royalty,
Today our dynasty grows.

We proclaim splendour,
To the dreams we will reclaim,
The ones nightmares maimed.

Cheers to a thousand blessings,
And a glorious weekend!

Cheers to not just you,
But also to the glass cups
That made this happen.

And to the one,two fingers
Who always work as holders.

Cheers to the sad times,
Crawling down to frown faces
Spitting out feelings

Of Ugliness,bad and good
Words somersaulting to food.

Cheers to this friendship
Of pictures,voice notes and words
Cheering me and you.

Cheers to this cheering of us.
Cheers to the chair of this theme.

Our day dawned at night
All because we chose to fight
Let’s walk the new light

Sometimes down is the way up
We’ve found up, pour me a cup

The clouds are now clear
Play songs our ears itch to hear
One cup for the cheer

Let us be fools for a day
Celebrate in a wild way

Let’s let our hearts clap
Let our shoes learn how to tap
Let our cups fill the gap

Now I will say my goodbyes
Just in case I get too high

Nothing lasts for long.
Just before we choose to die
Let us drink to us.

For the troubles we birthed
And the true smiles we planted .

This one is for us
And the times that we messed up
their sane lives and ours .

Whatever we burn today
Shall never define our fire.

This is not the last
For you , for me , for us. So
Cheers to us my friend.

Memories we have to make
Of the sun on life’s rubbles.


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