Poetry: The Last Drop of Kindness

Papa told me a story
Of a man with no luxury.
He lived outside the street
And walked on bare feet.
This man had no tent nor food
But lived as though life was good.
Everyone who lived in the hood
Wondered how he could…
He trudged down on every mile,
Not ever without a smile.
He told of how he drank scorn like water
But he acted like he never bothered.
There’s no cause without effect.
Eyes amazed on how life seemed perfect
For a man with no covering over his head.
Or at least, without a thing called bed.
Then once upon a time,
The grave came knocking next to our door.
And scrolled an old woman in its grime.
Ever since, we never saw him happy
He walked on every street sad.
For the window no longer displayed the face
That sold us morning smiles.
Nothing could save him from disgrace


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