Poetry: Nobody Woke Us Up!!

There was someone at the door today,
And he has been here before.
His cologne didn’t go away,
Like the parcel he left at the door.

They said he knocked and knocked,
Until silence finally answered.
But as long as the doors were locked,
The strength of his raps wouldn’t have mattered.

He was tall, tender and fair.
Not a description from around here.
He wasn’t from the church, for they’d have seen a Bible.
And he wasn’t from the village, for they’d have been a title.

The neighbors said they saw him,
Even the strangers too.
But no one cared to meet or ask him
Because around here that’s not what they’d do.

They said his hair looked like a forest,
The way the trees fully grow.
And his eyes were the purest,
Because they had some kind of glow.

They said he had some problems waiting.
Why didn’t he stay long?
And the reason he came, no one was stating.
Would he ever again come along?

There was someone at the door today,
And I think it was my father.
No one cared to wake us to ask or say,
Because around here no one will ever bother.


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