Poetry: Men & New Age (Relationship)


Is God a part of mankind?
The spiritual wouldn’t always bind.
Can’t faith come from troubles we have seen?
Man is the dirt his god won’t dare to clean.

Before this peril, there was goodness we could find.
Tales had wooden plants and colors were green.
Heaven didn’t threaten to leave you behind,
And little was ever mentioned of sin.

Now love is a controlled machine.
Truth is a door with lies standing in between
Spirits are spiritual where spirits are blind.
New Age is a better space man made to unwind.

Why do men walk on two feet?
When the dole has found a ground to fit.
Why is there a future for man?
Whenever his sky tells of rain in a can.

I am in doubt his butt will sit
while the water find to leak in a pan.
Time has evolved into a blur with a pit
when the stomach carries more than a Van.

Men walk as time is a lifespan
hurrying to buy grey hairs, so we see the sandman.
The future lives for man’s deficit
as the bond will heal what is the deposit.

What puts us in motion?
Does love now have a different notion?
Euphoria is the guiding bliss
All we want is a gentle kiss

Everyone cares about their potion
From the gentle lad to the saucy miss
It’s more of using the lotion
To pleasure that which is their longing hiss

We are easily swayed by those who wear a kiss
Trading us a plate of deceit amiss
Love in this new age is a different notion
Man cares more about his potion


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