Poetry: The Truth About Myself

The truth about myself this may tell,
But before that prevails, let me say this lie;
I am sane!

I am the moon that lights up the night sky,
but I was told I became without the light.

I love the caress of mist winds,
Yet it doesn’t remind me of who I should become.

Today I could ride with the stars,
For when tomorrow comes, I will not remain in my closet.

I am the reminder to myself,
My muse and my only elf.

I will not promise you the stars,
Great be today and i will write off the sky; at your word.

I am a very lonely soul,
For those who have eyes that can see.

This is it all,
This is all I am constantly sure of.

This should be good enough ,
…And yes , I will try to live for another day.


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