Poetry: Hallelujah!!


Halleluyah I’m here!
Alive! Hail and hearty!
Lively! Without worry!
Lovely! Without a dot!
Loved and loving!
Under pressure
Yet abounding.
All I do is sing
Halleluyah is my song!

H eaven is quiet; a haven of silence
A ging is many among one legal pass
L ength of life is forgotten at death
L onging for love is what would be left.
E very needle, every pin
L ying buried like footprints,
U nder the cover of little light
Y oung, old, and strongly wearied, will
A ttend a ceremony where
H allelujah,will be joy’s torment song.

H eaven is our home away from home
A lthough life can be truly horrendous
L iving through hell and all
L ove of God has never left us
E ach and everyday of our lives
L ike an abiding accomplice
U nder the rain and under the sunshine
Y our grace has been our canopy
A ll of our fears are gone
H allelujah, praise the Lord.

Happy is a spirit-filled word
And so also is sadness
Love, hate and discernment
Let your actions and
Everything you do
Light a beam on
Youthful exuberance is no excuse
All actions come with a responsibility
Hatch yours with humility before you act.

Hail thee, forester of the vines of my tongue.
Amen to the sour honey oozing from your heart.
Let thy soul out pour less evil,
Listening to the hissing of the nightingale.
Empty the vessel of these nightmares
Like the vultures hanging in my death.
Unite the prayers of the deadened stone
Yelling yellow suns to drum rainbow colors.
Ask the poet, what words chose him?
Hailing his home, his high haunting heart.

Honour be to the Lord of host.
Adore his great power beyond voodoo.
Let all creatures on earth and heaven
Lift his name even in Urdu
Exalt our faith’s perfector.
Love brought us all along,
Under the shadow of his glory
Yes! He alone must be praised.
Against all odds,
Halleluyah to God Most High.

Emny Circuit.

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