Poetry: Will Happiness Remember?


Embalmed thoughts from then when I was a boy,
Surged, washing to shore sweet stories it holds.
Tearing down the sand castle sadness molds.
Renewing memories of so much joy.

Remember, how I felt holding that toy?
Ravaging the box to see what enfolds?
Until Daddy came with questions and scolds,
His voice thunderous like battle at Troy.

Emny Daniel
We will all soon remember tragedy;
The stillborn who is still living in hell.
The stench of stolen midnights we can tell,
Is how we again remember slavery.

Will distant happiness remember me?
I wore glowing shackles after the sell,
Mated many monsters when midnight fell.
Now happiness won’t dare again to see.

When she comes quiet upon me sad faced
I wonder the twists that would be her spine
Knowing a smokescreen of feelings fine
Twirling gentle on the tongue of fate phased

Will happiness recall, for her I chased
The winds of despair to unzip that line
Which leads the soul to Nirvana’s moist wine-
Ale of the gods that unshackles the waist?

What will happiness always remember?
Is it the day we loved or when we lost?
Or the swords that dug deep and left the rust?
Will it hold the cold tales of December?

If it goes then love will be forever.
So let me ask how much does money cost?
What will make liquidated cash not frost?
So in joyful tales, its still a member.


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