Poetry: Rora’


My Oyinbo,
I don tell you plenty times
say sun dey comot just to shine your face.
Queen wey dey fill my space.
Your aura be like that girl Rita Ora.

You are the final chorus to my verses
swinging through highs notes of my moans
My fairest fairness, the game of my throne.
Whenever you’re absent the bells begin to chime

The way you dey feel inside your chest
I dey feel am pass you times two.
Reason why the sun and moon dey follow wan shine like you.
Your Rita Ora aura dey make my words just dey holla.

I give it to you the mystery of my words
the single bond that heaven can never borne,
no scars will forever leave my feelings as a pun.
Cause I’m the King who you was molded for.

Africanus royale
My precious pearl
Nne your shine follow!
The only girl.

Only you waka come
True! No be play
My feelings na confam
E nor dey sway

E strong kakaraka
I dey tell you
Dis one no be go come
E sweet pass stew

My true African queen
Na you sure pass
Your beauty no be for here
E too get class

Bia Nnem’oma,
Dis your love ehn!
E tie better wrapper
Can it fit end?

Fine girl,

Make you carry go
Dis kain waka go fit cost
Make we take am slow

See attention
Baby i can mention
the number of people wey you don hold for detention.

Fine girl this John needs a baptist
I hear say your father sef him be Catechist
Make we go church
Baby make we hold clutch
Stand for the traffic
Make we slow the motion.

Every day is a night because i dream of you
The cabin is out, we are the surviving crew
Let’s speed it up, lift the bird and take flight
Let’s land safe, deep and drill but slow it all night.

I long wondered that wilderness
Deserted by smile, with an oasis of loneliness
Nothing caught my swift sight
My emotions settled with the dunes
While your rain(reign) raised it to dust
Flooded it’s sand, revealing your perfect silhouette.
In every curve found I no fault.
I knew it, this must be it. Love.
Laughing, for all the humour
Singing, for the keys I found on every pitch and octave of you.
Dancing to the melody of the blur thought of you.
Until I’m ditched in my grave.
I’ll love you.

Emny Circuit

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