Poetry: Dear Beloved Pauline


Everyday is a new chance to live
Like a bird, take chances with the wind
Soar towards, if you may, soar against
Choose your battles wisely
Refuse to fuse yourself in people
You first and the others next
Life is what you make it
Happy merry…

Dear Beloved Pauline,

There’s a little girl inside of your giant
Asking to grow quick, seeking to stay thick.
You are a flame looking good,
A fire to a good wood.
You’re the bright in front of those sunglasses,
A charming headline before the news flashes.
You’re your father’s child,
A tamed wilderness’s wild.
A house that never knows sorrow,
The virgin we’ve lost to tomorrow.
You’re something precious,
A wool worth more,a million cotton.
A chameleon so unpretentious,
A pocket of kindness, a happy button.
There’s no need to celebrate,
You’re a gift for everyday.
Your beauty is something to hate;
Something envy would never say.
Don’t fade away, be a flower, a color, a star.
Never hate, hate never erased any scar.

If we must dance
Let it be in merriment
Not because of the mouse down our pants

If our lips must part
Let it be in a true laughter
Or to partake in a heavenly song
Not to spew vile words

If we must sing
Let it be a soulful song
Not the song that tames feet

If we must eat
Let it be a heart-shaped cake
Not the leftovers of badly cooked meal

If the milky way must fall
Let us whisper wishes
Of love, peace, joy, wisdom, and family;
Of grace, bounty, attainment and fulfillment;
Of patience, perseverance and focus
Not of flimsy desires.

As the sun rises
Let its rays dive down
To kiss your cares away
And shoot a rainbow of serenity over you.
Happy Birthday

Dear Beloved Pauline,
Your words give a peep into your free spirit
As you evolve in the universe
Let your soul freely taste taboos and righteousness
Get rid of inner lies,
Those voices that only uncover your woes
Speak kindly to your spirit.
Happy birthday Pauline

Omolola J.
Let your flower blossom with the morning dew
Let your blessings come more than few.
I wish your words a home of good
where it feeds you with joy , laughter as food.
As your smile decorates your beauty,
may your days be loving as a family.

Happy birthday Pauline

May the air satisfy you
On the days your lungs yearn for something new
May smiles be enough to fill you
When hunger doesn’t mean a thing to your stomach
May you find joy in little things
As well as those too large for the world

Happy birthday dear Pauline

Jennifer Dafwat
Dear beloved Pauline,
Last year I told you to calm your fears,
Glam your face
Live happy and preserve every memory by the shutter of your camera…

But this year is different
I told the sun to radiate your inner ambience
The more you smile, the brighter our day.
Today you are a gift to us
Beaconing us to sunshine.

Happy birthday boo!

A baby in the midst of grey hairs
A jewel in every fair
Her heart is opened for gold
Her ways are pure like snow
Hyper baby is a loving writer
Emotions mixed with punctuations can really miss a point.
A lot to say but few words is her way
I cherish that I know you
I hope I lay and understand your view
It’s a special place I seem to be in
Live freely and express there in
You are a Queen let no man tell you nil

Rachel Charles

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