Poetry: Giant Strides!


For little birds that gather tiny sticks,
Their nests will become an entire tree.
For masons who endure in piling bricks
Their neighborhood would ask them for a key.
These tunnels branch into kaleidoscope.
The rainbow can’t rain a single color.
A weak thread is just a lingering rope,
The face worn on a badly sewn collar.

I’ve heard of strides and thought of elephants
Giants do not have to be big people
The largest cities are put up by ants
With their hands building the finest steeple.

This is a poem about giants and brides,
A place where we wed heavy weights by strides

Put forth thy left foot, then your right.
It is time to grow.
Away with thy sorrow.
Put forth thy all and shine bright.
Cease all the darkness and be the Light.
Lead thy boat to sea and Row.
Do not be mislead by the Crow.
Cease all thy fears , breath life to thy might.
Order thy destiny,fix a date.
Let go of all that made thee lame.
Rip all regrets, let the winds take it above.
Today, it is okay to be great.!
Who cares? Why be ashamed?
This is your time,ye can be more than a dove.

Otherwise referred to as the quantum leap
a stride-giant or not requires focus
not just the sing song wishes of one’s lip
It’s chiefly an offshoot of ones purpose

Making giant strides in lieu of life’s puddle
is a feat attained on decisive steps
channeled with care into any hustle
true yarn be say man go work those biceps

Most importantly that mental nerve strength
truth is, the power is all in the head
so if you must make giant strides in length
you sometimes must think as sharp as a nerd

we are all of us gifted to make strides
such be the design as heaven decides


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