Poetry: Temper Was A Friend


I used to be an ‘okay’ guy
back then I bin never understand balance,
folks did ride on my ignorant back
sake of say I nor dey vex
I thought it cool acting like a fool
not until I met the emotion-temper
the beach-na she wave my mumu
over the tides of full-ish-ness

I lost my friend a while back
He lost his life from frost bites
My hand got numb punching tree barks
My reward for loosing the fist fights
My ego is injured in the end
And my pride takes a bitter toll
This wound I must try to amend
Even if it rends my perfect soul

And when sweet nothing saw death yesterday
Here, my true being was born beautifully
Same spot, like the icing on cake,
I rant and twang her name speedily
Knowing fire was burning my tongue beneath
I became fire. Fire burning fire nonstop
My emotions wore fur, claws, red eyes
Heart burnt, never to become human again


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