Poetry: Ecstasy!

I am weak…my senses
oblique…off in my frequencies
These wires conform and disagree
My meter’s readings unread me.
Fingers, fangs, stealth of hands
Trance, chance, where adrenaline stands
Jitters, fevers, and irrational leisures
I am my defences seizures

Two birds on my rooftop
Sang two songs for me
Jumping to hear the lyrics
It must be a message
From the love I knew
Who left my pinning heart
But still lifting my soul
A message just for me .

Inherited from branches of olive.
Delusional yet clearly seing blindly.
Soft breeze of silent hills.
Buried in toxicity of truth.
Krishna Hare can’t save you.
For you alone I’ll devour.
Love you, love me not.
A drug, met in galaxy’s.

I must’ve swallowed a halogen
It feels too bright within
Eyes closed like finished books
Yet seeing my soul’s nooks
Glowing the kind none sees

The numbing sensation of peace
Floating atop surfboard of bliss
Momentarily, the world’s at ease

The morning sun, elated bliss,
Waterfall, my skin it kiss,
Rain dance, always I miss,
Birds chirping, sometimes they hiss,

Exalted, i in Your presence,
Seek Your Mercy, by grace,
Closer with deeds, steady pace,
Prostrated, ecstatic, sought Your face.

Hijab Gurl
Eyes locked for the rapture.
Lips meet but don’t slip,
As bodies sing euphoric notes.
Tongues squish a barbaric anthem.

When the sun comes up,
Thoughts splatter in a rage.
Fear unclothed, lying beside me
I am no more ecstatic!

Every dent carried in here
carefully crafted some curious scent.
Starting off, from my eyes
thoroughly tickling her tied thoughts.
Admittedly I’ll still her lips
surrendering her heat into mine
exposing the explosives buried deep
And amen will end it.

Every word Solomon said then
Still gets my inner woman
Showing perfection in love
I bask in his wisdom
It feeds a dying wish
Tired of being a simpleton
I desire a great leading
I want a wise filling

Rachel Charles



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