Poetry: Smell (His and Hers)


It breaks the shell that conceals memories
That smell of her perfume that afternoon
The smile that undermined the Sun’s shine
My nostrils walked me up to her

I sniffed and sniffed, forgetting to breathe
It was a long conversation without words
Yet not one word was left out
Her smell teaches my heart to smile

Rich aroma of coffee my nose sighted
From afar,how long will it take
This tea to arrive,I asked sniffing.
Can’t wait to take a long sip.

How delicate is the fragrance of herb
To the bruises left on heart’s skin
Without the presence of a love one?
Rose,smell of wealth,love and health.

From the virtue left in my heart
Repulsive scent of light flushes with darkness.
Cinnamon rolls, candy bubblegum, scented candles, yes!
Bubble Berry, last piece of taming skin.
Great unpleasant drips of his scented insecurities.
Two are better than one? No please!
Pretty petals fall off; brewed poison Ivy.
Smells like a lie I don’t believe.

I sniff his soul, inhaling his aura
Sensing his mind’s yearnings of ocean depths
Perceiving what lurks in his exotic presence
Seduced silly by his pure virile odour

He stinks of sweet lies i love
I sense his arrogance I’ll bask in
He stinks of wild danger yet haven
A lingering perfume of the risky unknown…

Omolola J.
When I begin to feel tiny explosions
within my rainbow fluttering tickling little heart.
When my skin becomes a glowing moon
Know her scent is within my room.

If I used a poem as her
It will be flawless like Astarte
and her shadow will hold her scent
so her grounds will be my bed.

With all sense of decency, I plead
Why arouse me with aroma of bliss?
I still perceive your lingering green mint
I receive every burden this fantasy brings
I think I caught a romantic flu
My tongue waddled your ears like berries
I perceive your clean creme in beings
I left home with scent of you

Rachel Charles
Arabian incense burning in the eastern desert
Imbued with the extracts of fresh flowers
I inhale the bane of your essence
Yours is the scent of a knight

Newly baked confectioneries in a local oven
A mixture of grasses and Indian spices
Distilled in the tunnel of my nostrils
Your scent signals the sun to rise.

Linen on smooth ebony back made bare
After a long night of wearing fragrance
That sits better after the melting into
This is the taste of breakfast after
Stretching just enough to draw another soul
Into a starry embrace under delightful heavens
To tell of his taste is easy
But his smell, only magic can tell.

Please forgive me,i can’t even describe
I have tried. This incense cruelly fades.
It lights and smokes an aging tribe
Her scoosh forbids,my chase, it aids
I know of scents in cinnamon shoes
Of such my tongue is familiar to
Now my hands are afraid to choose
They’ve mixed up the scent of you.

The smell of burning saffron and sandalwood,
With a mixture of fruits and roses,
Envelopes my olfactory lobe a known scent,
Alcohol-free Arabian oil perfume lingered longer.

This known scent, stronger on the bed,
Flushed with deep glee, an adrenaline gush,
With shaky legs I sort your being,
I was graced with a goodbye note.

Hijab Gurl

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