New Poetry Form: Adruquart | Rudolph Adidi


ADRUQUART is a poetry form by Rudolph “Ruddapoet” Adidi. It consists of 4 lines. Its rhyme pattern is abba.

The first and third lines have 8 syllables, where the first word is also the last word on those lines.

The second and fourth lines have 4 syllables respectively. It can be written in a minimum of two stanzas.

Syllable Count: 8-4-8-4

Example: My lady

Shine! Be pretty like the moon! Shine!
Let your face glow.
Grow! Into the hearts of men! Grow!
And still be mine.

Babe! Alone you lie with me babe,
In my soft bed.
Thread upon my page, baby. Thread!
My shining grape.

You! For you I’ve lived for, just you!
My precious gold!
Hold me darling, with your heart! Hold..
And I’ll be true.


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