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Day by day it was called awesome
Smooth ride, we didn’t see the tide

Came in disguise of an in-law
Spread the mat of humility

She stepped in, Her toes sang proud beats
We danced to the new bride’s belief

‘I don’t clean, I don’t cook meals still’
I will have my room in Masters

All these gave Mama purple ache
The groom bowed down in shame And hate. – Rachel Charles


Star 10 on the 5th avenue
3rd time in the two years of lust

As walls crash like the gates of brass
Mouth falls open and stays ajar

Tongues hold a full conversation
Stomach dance the beat of two hearts

The cycle of life felt complete
In the arms of whom she wanted

Just when life was birthed anew
Numbers on the clock disappeared



Her stomach was burnt ground to seeds
Rejecting life other than hers

Gods of stomachs and seeds appeased
Glowed her robustly with time’s child

She entered the land of Eve’s curse
Life birthed rainbows and praises

Till the gods snatched their timely gift
Her breast flowed with blood and stale milk

Barren and a witch they called her
As she camped at death’s stinking feet


That same creepy sound of nothing
Karma wore and rode to the moon

Sleeping beauty before the kiss
Each smile cladded in disguise robe

Sacred veil between war and peace
Nailed to a throne with iron thorns

Painted white lies over the sea
Too good to be true , seeds of doubt.

Calm demeanor of a house wife
When her husband breaks a promise.


Memory walked into July
It wore a smile that was once known

Mother my seeds I love you so
Passion peeled off at noon and night

A place never to come back from
Priye and Pete would die to own

But life always holds some mischief
Why is right so outdone by wrong

All was hers that was never hers
Time the healer butchered her still – Prudence.


His eyes conveyed more than just words
She neither saw nor understood,

She flinched as his lips arched closer
Clinching tight her teeth with closed eyes

This body he must conquer still
His arms now her sanctuary

He planted her feathered kisses
Cracked her open in no time

As their tongues battled endlessly
Their bodies did more talk and work

Hijab Gurl


His cries had filled an empty space.
So loud, his whispers and his tears.

Her heart was jaded by the years.
The twists and turns, mistakes and fate.

A world was twirling around them.
Life was so busy and so full.

No time to listen or to see.
So silence became the new scream.

A false peace bathed the mind with ease.
Thunderclouds waited in the east. Seun



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