Yes For A Change!


Take my bones
Break and crush their love
Knives, blades, rocks and stones
My heart has been hit by all the above

Let you words like whips whip me
This temper i once lost, i’ve found
Water stays in a bucket and in the sea
The same that scares the dust off the ground

This is my hand
Choose the finger that deserves this band
I care not if this flight was turbulently planned
Let the crash still safely land

I know not what this means
I know not the color of truth
For if i were perfect in my genes
My choice would have been the man from my youth.Leon


Yes to silent nights
With eyes open wide
To pointless fights
Against who takes you for a ride

Yes to gory sights
With hands kept on the side
To bright lights
That shine through a dark tide

Yes to fortunate plights
To own up isn’t pride
To courageous might
Winning is mine to decide

Yes may not be right
But I want to be a bride
To fly a happy kite
With you at the beach side



If it means for the cloud to fade
my wounds will not taste healing,
I have faced worlds whose kings had laid
their hearts so I keep winning,

This cannot be the same told twice
No, is a caterpillar whose cocoon is weak,
If it fails, a butterfly is the price.
I have fallen as a bird who has lost its beak.

Paint me another world, I still live here
change the sun batteries, it still won’t shine.
You’re not the first, I have a deadened fear.
I’m a pale sock of shock, withering is mine.

I have lived to this request in a shade
and it’s time my heart hugs what has stayed
behind to tell of how yes could bade
welcome to me, the stubborn little prick.



Religion held us captive
Bending flesh to reject its native
We affirm lust’s power
Allowing what we rejected

They sneered at purity
Jabbed at sanity
Misfits with a content soul
Envy of pure bloods

They taught them to embrace all
Initiating their deeds naughty
An exchange of purity for pleasure
Nodding their heads to vanity

Zombies, fed up they walked to rebellion
Worst than their rabbi
Agreeing to suffer no more
They’ll rule to ruin


Yes I will change the sheets
The stain will be rid of, soon
I will write of how I fought the page’s sheets
To let the letters fill dawn to noon

I know I’ve been on lazy blog
I ‘ve wandered and mixed pleasure in a wheel
Lost my zeal and ink log
The books have abstained from my feel

I will be the best
It’s a say, I confess
The fire I refuse to test
Gold became a wish less

Let me spread the zeal
Sweat and pain, let’s plan a feast
I will change from dry fasting to one meal
So with hands we will excel without a priest. – Rachel Charles


Misery crawled up his throat
Embers of pain raged on and on
His wit and pride swam afloat
His voice failed to find his tongue

There were times her face was painful to see
Such was her beauty his soul would flea
The melody of her hips soothing and glorious
Again and again his flesh got rebellious

Since a decade and two ago
Like snail his guts traversed and now
What would you say is wrong and how
That she he adored is six feet below

Yes I know I said no too often
But it was between my heart and me
And now I’m here in the open
Take my life and let it be- Prudence


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