The Return!

Not sure what to write.
Seems harder when it’s your own
Time to check this box.
Absence is now grown
You’ve brought another word
Add it to this book. Leon
It’s not so easy
trying to say a welcome
to you our mummy.
Words have not been old,
you should tell Winston that too.
From my heart, welcome. – Ruddapoet
Happy turn I wish
Winston wrote a legacy
 He is living it
Say a hi of bliss
A solid well, come to she
Write your piece, I read. – Rachel Charles
Amidst nostalgia
Sifting through water drained eyes
Your absence was felt
Now mother of one
Pruddy-cheeked bouncing baby
Welcome to the fold.
Friendship rekindled
Come witness this rich display
Merriments untold
I may not know you,
Your praises are sang over here,
A son you birthed,
Hope to know you more,
Better friendship be built too,
Welcome new friend.
Hijab Gurl
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