The Curse of Eden!

Eden wasn’t a garden, Edinnu was a room.
Man didn’t disobey, he got hungry.
And of all the meals, only flesh came bare; in serpent meat. And where man and serpent meet, the bite is either food or a good poison.
The room was locked, nobody could leave.
The Key had been a lock before that eve. Eden was room that boxed obedience out and laid the bed for Eve.
“Thou shall not” is a law that makes an outlaw of innocence.
Pleasure built her house in this Mesopotamian myth.
If Zion would conceive, Nehushtan won’t be its guardian.
Horeb may be a reason to break stone tablets.
Wisdom wouldn’t play at the end of the song.
Freedom would share a verse with truth,
And at the bridge, go separate ways before the burn. Leon
This eyes has seen what the heart can interpret.
The mouth will echo  from the Scriptures of belief.
Do you believe there is more to the serpent, Adam and Eve?
Kiss,when Adam saw the soft spied contour on her flesh, he couldn’t resist the lust that bore from shimmery lips when she offered Sin.
The tree of good, the tree of evil more like condemnation. From that moment the ground was cursed, labour became a must form to fill if you will feel the reap.
The serpent, Adam and Eve. Rachel Charles
Wishes to dream and back again
Repeat, until reality regains shape
Look now! Eden cries out
Another man’s pig-head
Caused a better one to shed tears
Yet! Still yet no remorse
Rather, he faulted the rib-collector
See now! Results of selfish reactions
Life span, spinning in circles
We go back, forth, again we go
Cursed beyond words
Oh! Eden, the pain you inflict, the regret, the loss.
The everyday cry for redemption.
And this is the softly tender placed curse.
A hard toil for a forbidden fruit cause.
Play hide and seek but find ye an undefined course.
First inhale to a fresh start .
In a confused list added to the shopping cart.
Eyes closed,  exhale a breathe which has flown down the wind pipe.
Pulled out ribs, clayed  into another being.
Unending labour pain.
If only it could be swerved through the window pane.
One more time relieve Adam
And spare Eve.
Take off the curses and let it start all over.  Hypermind
The Curse comes alive when you say
‘Tah! Are there gods,
Is there such thing as a curse?’
Their cursed tongues!
Our curse tablets!
Oh God!
Fight for us against this law!
This deed that banished us from our homeland!
From goodness, we soon might lose to the memory of the evil tree that worshipers feed, to yield, nine months later, some sooner, others after.
For how long must we war?
Digging incurably, into thighs overflowing with carnality…
To mystically plant seeds in eggs that multiply our aimlessness…
Our desperate roaming and searching after phantoms?
Our cursed tongues!
Their curse tablets!
Oh Lord Oserapis!
Thus far, my accusation has traveled!
Much farther shall its bitter sting endure…
against Eden! Myths! Fables! Against all who plotted this present nightmare!
Clad them in our fate! Avenge mortality!
Oh Lord Yahweh!
Bring us again, Angels,
To a place before Eden
Before damnation and corruption spilled from mortal erection!
Cast from us, the feast of serpents!
Dust I am, not!
With ash, I have no part!
Between flesh and my blood no oath was sworn!
But if this union must commune
Then, set Adam free, Spirited Verse!
Their eyes were finally opened
And into the apron shades of leaves
They sought to conceal their nakedness.
Intelligence became their first crime
And their apotheosis the second.
Expulsion became a must
Lest they latch onto immortality.
Out of the garden into ‘untilled’ lands
A unifying abode they set to build;
A city and a tower clutching the skies.
The collective will of mortals and mortars
Daring the heavens with rude incursions,
 Expulsion became a must
Lest they turn the court of divinity into a republic.
Scattered across the face of the earth
Each a god and a creation of himself;
The elevation of man above errors,
Armageddon a pronouncement of sentiments,
Nuclear struggle the pinnacle of might.
Expulsion becomes a must
By mortals bringing an end to themselves.
This obedience has been embedded in my lips to fit my misfitting bones laced to my flesh, sins of the word-eat, dine, be a god. Death fathered their will, gods still die no matter how high they try to fly, gravity is an essential retribution.
Gethsamane held the throat of Eden with a kiss, spinning right in front of the torch an apple fruit to a tree, carried and dragged into the abyss of redemption – sin (read and mention) the first lie, the third eye, 30 silver pieces on the side.
To that unknown tip given by the serene salvation called ‘grace’ that thus abounds in the existence of imperfection, a strip of his flesh scarred with history of blood for completeness. I venerate your power to mold an Eden not in a box, as square as I may be, round pegs are still a turning point to carve a niche of  a story poetry cannot verse or vet. – Ruddapoet
The Origin of sin was one tree with many branches,
The serpent, the man and the woman
Tinini Tanana who takes the blame?
The serpent never lied
Only used a poet’s tool
To make the story appealing
He exaggerated some
Man had a choice
They were fine before the fall
We all bear bruises from Eden’s curse
Some more than others
The punishment grape
I have seen the serpent
He spoke to me again
I was sad and lonely
His eyes shined so brightly
I taught i could fight him
But his fruit was red and shiny
Once i bit, i couldn’t stop
Like a vampire i drew his breath
And clawed his chest
I looked upon him without  mercy
For that ancient garden took away my garment  of compassion. Vera
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