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“I’ve seen the world in a glance
And it’s beautiful
Despite our cruelty….”
The candle went out before the last line
The paper still lies blanketed by dust
Like a few others craving the tickling tip of a pen.

2 years plan to change ground
This is the second of the two
Orientation changed but the ground stayed the same
I guess abortions don’t happen to babies alone

Broken ties and pacts
New nylons to fix them back
But they seem to have defied all tact
It seems to have been a year of clumsiness

Promises broken even before they were made
My nephew is yet to get his chess board
My niece is yet to go out for that vanilla ice cream
And Blessing is yet to get a make up for her eluded birthday.
I could as well promise only to fail again.

The year seems to have beaten me to the finish line
She went from January to December
I’m still struggling to leave the cradle of January. Tee2emm
No, you are not sorry! These lines say otherwise
But unlike you, the lines you own speak soft, deep, sweet and loud.
See the struggle is shared.
I know the call to put a word past time.
To overtake time get past its hand and climb into timeless.
To capture that elusive Truth beyond mere words and mime.
To take that fragment, mold it, bend and serve it whole, absolute and free.
So that 1 it speaks to me and 2 it speaks to you.
The fractals that burst on my view demanding word and space.
Connecting dots and seeing lines that pass through printed page.
Or yes.
That other elusive form the word spoken from stage.
Bending an ear, bowing a will with fingers velvet, steel.
No these words don’t flow like I like.
I fight my uncouth tongue.
I battle demons in my head
And make them willing tyke.
A child who does with pleasure that he was called to do.
Who with each passing moment asks,
“Dad what may I do.” -Seun


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