“Man shall not live by bread alone”
I don’t hear ‘no bread at all’
So I set my pan of oil on fire
Seasoned chicken will go through hell
But no worries, she’ll survive
Safely she’ll arrive the heaven of my stomach.

French fries
For a fair price
Ketchup is too sweet
I’ll have my mother’s recipe stew

Sodas are too artificial and gassy
Blended pineapple, watermelon, oranges with a dash of banana is more juicy.

No, no need for appetizers
The sight is appetizing enough. Tee2emm
The diet that sat on the wall
Fell off its balance.
Stones were taken out its body.
The tracks that led to the hospital were feeders;
They ate time and belched its delay.

Medic said protein grabbed the wheel too hard
And that made carbohydrates depress the clutch.
See the fact is, fats ceased to allow the burn.
Too much oil in the pan isolates the shrub.
So from the fall, the swelling grew solid like minerals

He drowned in the water
From lack of vitamins. Leon
A perfect getaway is the way I see it
Nothing else should matter
Nothing else apart from man-made cookies.

Finely cut
Fashioned to specification Your thoughts about cookies
May taste differently from mine
My cookies make kings bow
Fine food for fine folks
Nothing else than these should matter
Do we become what we eat,
Or what we eat becomes us?
Is there enough to eat?
Or is there too little to eat?

Like adults, children go hungry
Like rubbish, unsold foods are trashed daily.
With billions, deep space mining makes man richer
Yet hunger makes his kind thinner

Tell me brother
Why did my food burn,
I told you to watch it, didn’t I?
Tell me sister, why did my child die?
I told you to feed her, didn’t I?

Some food feed the soul,
Others the body.
Vegetables or fruits,
Meat or fish,
Man must eat and die as well

In toil, in sweat,
For self, for family
This is the creed!
Food must be sought!


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    January 10, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Reading posts like this make surfing such a plsrauee


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