One that beats on a woman
Irrational, inhuman
Killing a fellow human
Acting an animal

Only cares for his dinner
Either dotted or a striped zebra
He maims for breakfast
Without remorse

Dirty brutish pigs!
will see humanity to chaos and ruin!
From culture family to eternity-
slippery, slimy worms,
Boring, infesting everything we hold dear!

Asian, African or American
you would find animals of every sort
Black, white, pink or red!
These beasts multiply for war!
For anarchy, anomaly and strife!
I wake at night
And feel the heat
I know my fangs had cut too deep
Through fleshy prey, i cannot tell

Like a helliion
Scratching and clawing through
I leave my tail in your trail
You’ll be fine if you know the rules.
Like fakes will do
Dogs bark too soon
Meandering, scouring, scaring
Like the likes of it
But bark subtracts bite from habits

Slimy, smart snakes
Sees, fancies, barking animals mostly
Africa shows these off
The good, the bad, the beautiful
And other enemies too.– Silvia.
Like a Flea’s love is infectious,
A Serpent’s venom consumes.
A Millipede’s two pairs impede,
Cats do stealthy on all fours,
But the ant’s little sticks build the kingdom.

A mother’s love is a sin
When the fire consumes.
Man is first a beast before birth.
Cats and dogs can share a bone,
But their field, like a desert, must be left alone. Leon


The roar resounded over knoll and plain.
All beasts of prey took off like sound’s a pain.
With the herd she took off at a run.
She’ll be miles away when she’s done.
Far from this lordly master of the field.

Fateful day, it was, she heard the roar.
Fear and trembling crept unnoticed through her doors.
The run forgot, the master called.
A deep embrace, bit after clawed.
Dead first then new life coursed and she woke to find herself like Him. Seun


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