Sands of Time!


I opened up the jar
To let out a secret
It had grown, it was fit
To leave footprints.

It crossed so many roads
Laced with different shoes
Came first in every choose
It was first fate

One day age visited
And came along with time
More secrets had to climb
In this fable. Leon
Squeezing words through your laughs
In-between hearty smiles
My heart’s been locked in time
With your bright eyes

My heart take leaps, gallops
The beats roll in backflips
Happiness finds your lips
Strength flee my limbs

Now in the sands of time
Your footprints stays imprint
Like your breath reeks of mint
I can’t forget
The hour definitely came
Where babies did not fall
From Mother’s back, grown call.
Great Heights achieved.

In the eyes of the old
Role play to when you coo
Turn by turn you played woo
Then she bore boys.

Boys became men, strong gems
Seated in leader ships
Controlled relation-ships
Replay again. – Rachel Charles
Graced in times finessing
A lost past memory
Another memory

Breath in deeper than hearts
Getting ready extra
But souls too old Patra
Lay out our cards.

Give it right back to him
Where does the travel
Traveling to reveal
You, my soul’s team. Hypermind
Enclosed in nothingness.
That ancient magic born
Nature silently sworn,
Slowly drifting.

Through narrow hips sand poured
Before the hour struck.
The moon did signal luck,
Eight shaped, two spheres,

In every tiny grain,
Footprints buried in time.
This clocks hold more than clime
Housing illusions.
The castles I have built,
Towering, stately, fort.
A model I import
For my purchase

My purchase of import,
Thumbs up, a smile, a hug.
The needs inside to plug
In roundabout.

The roundabout, a trick
By which I look real sleek
Or is it slick I seek
When God is me? -Seun
The ocean flipped this page
with innocence so fair
starving the one true heir
Look what it’s done.

All we knew were memoirs
of a friendship so strong
like our rounds that last long
tying the bond.

Alabasa was like that
making love with my tear
whether front or the rear
Time tied them well. – Ruddapoet
Pouring through wind and space
Whisper of times and names
Collect thoughts in gold frames
Saved past, saved thoughts

Pour on for one more day
Pile and form a desert
Moments we can’t revert
In spite wishes

Some sands of time sometimes
Like a castle crumbles;
Traps time in its rubbles
Crushed in its weight. Tee2emm


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