The Funeral of Humanity


A casket and a baby.
Taking life half way out of the body.
Autopsy’s against DNA’s
Taken away in depth, what can you say?
A loop back trying to take it all back.
Be tender while slaying.
Gifting what’s for the gifted.
Taking away what should be taken.
Don’t let it break cause it’s tough.
Humanity silenced inhumanly. Hypermind
A world of too many corpses
A perfect human race with too many lapses

Quick to cameras, slow to give a hand
Deserts grow at the expense of green land
Chaos, fertile field for gossips, side talks
That ill ploughed field with too many balks

Grave, casket, undertakers and mourners
Self torching humanity’s piers
Give to those that can give in return
Leave them that can’t for the sun to burn. Tee2emm
Dreams become reality, delusional,
Hope, work hard, pray, illusional,

Changing the sweet melody,
To a sad rhythm as
The wind caressed the tree,
Negativity, all they preach,

The “tomorrow” we earnestly await,
Is in moments of today we let slip,

Humanity they say dead,
Murdered by their hands, buried in dark hearts.

Hijab Gurl
Click! click! Goes the shutter.
Clicked shut goes our shutter.

Nothing in. Nothing out.
Nothing to say this, we are about.
Except the witness of the cruelty we are.
The pain we keep locked up behind the scar.
See they taught us to be minds.
High minded, broad minded, they taught us minds.
Said of emotions, “Trust them not, hide.”
Now we walking dead, all head, no heart. -Seun
Welcome to the gathering of kings
This is the verdict the gavel brings
In this end of speeches reign
Quiet will flood this space like rain
Praises are forgotten
Sugarcoated snacks smell rotten
This is the narrowest path made wide
Come in and leave your feet outside.
This is the shattering of glass
This is green in the absence of grass. Leon
I was the one who summoned your guts
so the verdict should employ your butts.
This is the beginning of my crown
as it speaks of spit mixed with the ground.
Silence is a fading chant
stuffed with oblivious rants
the narrow road is iced and warm
when you lay, your neighbor will be more worms.
I read from the scroll that was made of grass
at this end, right or left will just be class. – Ruddapoet
Speak hopeless corpse, tell me a joke.
By their voice death’s resolves awoke
The darkness called a yielding truce
Evil cruising in broad delight.
Dead souls battling a lost conscience.
A mass burial for a thousand hearts
Gladly marching through the gates of Hades
I waved at one that looked like me
Her bloody hands made crimson white
Like the rest she welcomed the flames.
This fountain signed our tears.
This mountain buried the fears.

When we gathered in ash cloaks,
To witness the dance fore fathers sewed

With needles that poked
Shrines and altars of shame.

Pain gave birth to pain.
Pain gave them a maim.

Now we stand in flame
To dust the class of fame. – Rachel Charles
Mediocrity is food,
Kingdom of sages fooled.
Consciousness is bereaved,
Sold its birthright: deceived.
Ripples of shame in this procession
Dropped in our bosom’s possession.
Sulked heads with shrouds
Guilt and folly birthed this crowds.
Now brains are in graves
Let’s see if what’s left saves.


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