Theme: The Helpless Child!


She let out a helpless cry,
Hoping one day it gets wiped dry,
As the storm of life hit her hard,
To pick her up, no one gave a hand,

Alone in this perplexed maze called life,
She wished a well sharpened knife,
Could cut short her mystery,
Those she thought family,
The devil better with their viciousness.
Hope became surreal.

Hijab Gurl
A child who leads, one way must follow.
To learn to forgive, one mates with sorrow.
The same way the feathers flap to fly
He shall while alive, learn to live to die.
The streets shall force the man within his loins.
His pride shall be built on borrowed coins.
With knees to earth and hands to mud
Disgust will be an uncommon God.
The heart that gives should sometimes borrow.
This blow below will weaken tomorrow. Leon
Tongue tied!
Accused I lied!
Compassion is hard to come by
Like a free bird, I want to fly
Staring everyday at a faint blue sky
None will ever care if tomorrow I die
I eat the crumbs and they the pie
From this earth, I beg to depart
From this suffering, set me apart
I want with death to be a part!

She sat at the kerb waiting for someone.
Her needs were loud and sharp but his jumped gun.

Silent and waiting, blinded by craving…
hungers learned in line of ‘service’.
“Welcome strange ones and minds to this crevice.”
I promise intimacy but I’m lying.
I’ll give you a good time in my haven.
You will be satisfied when I’m done.
At least those are the words of my con.
I believe my con too. That’s why i’m ‘waiten’. -Seun
Lured with candy
Her innocence was not handy
Carnal channels were flung open
She was never to bask in purity
Her voice found her
Yet a chaos home chased it
Attracting an old spirit
It housed in her mind
Only seven
Yet trauma became her best teddy bear
Did you grant him his wish?
How do you know he stole the fish?

Then you chase him to the streets
Where he learnt to bake fist

Gist with the gang who sang
An eye for an eye

Tooth for tooth
Crayons turned to sticks

Caps became helmets.
How do you know he stole the fish? – Rachel Charles
Me without sin casting the first stone.
A rising tone.
What happens when mom leaves us?
A hopeless coin toss
A foolish decision
An act of diversion
Away from a love unknown
A meatless offered bone
Offer more and give less
A helpless child left hopeless. Hypermind
Why death, why do you not come?
Oh Joy, of your kisses, give me some
soon, I must run away
From this home, where yells and pains freely play
Good Lord, do you not see?
How your child wastes away…
Mother left, brother and sister too
Soon I must, for good or its bitter twin
But where would I go?
Sweet lord, where?
Muffled pain in shrill tones rise.
Swollen feet like wearing giant pies.
Much trekking had worn the pair
Only street lights blink a good night.
To a bony frame with peeking holes
Stomach growls a quick reply
The questions asked by teary eyes
Makes dreamless night and dims lit skies.
Only warmth is seeping blood
Everyday is a new ordeal.
Did your mother’s bone help you sing?
I didn’t think death bells will later ring.
These streets of hustle made me a bed
they made sure I drank what it stutters.
All these roads know my deepest secrets
where only God’s hands can find me.
These temptations are dry desserts
I’ve eaten more than what hunger can feed.
I don’t need the help from your petty eyes
you need my help to save you from yourself. – Ruddapoet
In a dirty brownish top and short

With designs of jersey,not for sport

Sparkling tears roll down his dusty chicks

Getting dried on it way down

He invested his pain in smile

Seeking satisfaction for his belly

That’s his daily life,not because he was trained.

But accepted it in good faith

The teenage child whose both parent are late.


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