Midas Touch!

Midas Touch

Can I touch you?
Can I roam your soul free?
Oh! You thought I meant your body
Well, not unless that is who you are
All body and no soul.
But I was hoping you would be..
Nobody and a soul filled with stars
A pair of galaxies for windows
And heart too huge to measure in kilos

Can I kiss you?
Caress your essence
Do a good deed like sweet smelling incense
Would your lips part in a smile?
Or your smile break into a laugh
When your burdens my shoulder offers?
And your worries my heart carries
Would your tears tarry from falling
When your hand, my hand marries?

Can I love you?
Can I speak sweet somethings
To your wide open heartstrings
In symphonies?

Cause your heart to tingle just a little
Your cheek to flash your single dimple
Let out to play the goose pimples
When I solve you like a simple riddle
Can I move into you and make my home

Youngest amongst brothers with more baggages to deal with than a Bellhop.
The School, other kids, chalks, teachers talk but couldn’t reach, all choked up to rainbows and unicorns.
Wonder why the creators conceive hate.

On this day he pitched high and set out to pitch.
Always thought the earth was round but around a soccer ball his life revolved.
It’s no storm in a tea cup, a shell shocked audience, nothing of sort since Pele, life gave leeway…
Fate, fame, feet that wore golden boots.
On my thought i need your touch
Your hand you should lay on my mistakes.
Smooch my regret and wear it on your wrist like rolex.
Romance my dreams and make them come true.
Take me to Greek and bath me in the phrygia city
Breath in your touch into me,and marry me to life.
Stir in me tales of Gold.
From the three i offer my request to one
For all that glitter isn’t Gold but that doesn’t make it cheap.-Bang1.
Purest of souls
The weathiest touch
With an invigorating vigour
I smile when we kiss
Sparkles upon sparkles
Lit lanterns of hope
Is this a dream?
Am i relieving your past?
With so much more
My pain also grows
The curse of the golden chalice
Beautiful touch of death
Comes in a glittery wrap.
She is a living, breathing, walking, talking ‘Wow!’
Like the touch of spring to frozen earth,
Like tiny bud, like blooming seed, like the very air I breath,
She’s touched me way beyond my skin and that touch was pure gold.

I’d chased the grail many a sad moon.
I’d plunged in wells I did not own.
The chills and tingles in my spine, I did not think I’d live to tell,
Every which way for skin on skin. I was chasing elusive thrill.
In nakedness…some openness.
In the drive and thrust…some deep success.
In the wandering touch…a pleasure’s gift
And in that mix the me I hid…
But that was till she walked right in.
Like crisp spring winds, she cleared the mists.
The fingerprint spread swift and keen.
She bull-dozed walls to smithereens.
Her smile was like a body hug.
Listening, she told me, “Welcome here.”
No screen I put up worked the deal.
Through all she saw the real, true me.
She built a highway to my heart.
She touched me, yes, she did, she was… Midas! -Seun
I captured a King
His heart sought after mine
I challenge his wand fingers
What good am i golden?
What good are your lustful gaze,
If you can’t feel my rushing blood
Will your lust turn me to earthly treasures?

Should your arms be tied
So your quivering lips could lock mine?
Will you share my arms
As yours are cut off to feel the woman in me?
Does my presence alone fill your savage desires?
Your blessed hands have laid a curse
On our soul’s matrimony…
This heart will beat to your tune
No pain found in you
No pain found with you
Am your love story
I watch from afar to tell you my glory
Which was covered with a dark veil
Your slight touch wiped out the scales
Midas touch, secretly crushed
How your voice soothe my boning guts
Just wanna wrap in your arms
So you heal my wounds
Invisible wounds that only the purest of eyes Can see
Feel, am your experiment
Turn my rags into the Gold intended- Rachel Charles
Kings and slaves
Treasure and dirt
Sort and taken
Heaven and stars
Life and death
A record of sin
Against the soul faded with a touch. Hypermind
I have mastered the art of poking
words so they become visions.
When you seek the eye of a god
I will come in as a pupil to you people.
With a regalia of red,
I will scream in your blood.
What is thy purpose?
now that you touch my ears
for all that echoes is the alchemist cheers.
Words become gold
but my heart is old.– Rudolph Ruddapoet


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