The Nanny!


This is the job of a nanny
To nurse except replace the mummy
She’ll serve, provide, obey and wait
She’ll eat except from from daddy’s plate.

The day the market comes back home
The apron hugs her hair to comb.
The nanny’s job from child extends
The wonder remains how well she blends.

And when she prays, of course she will
To ask that God increase her meal
The clothes will pile and heap to hill
To mop the floor she has to kneel.

But when the baby drowns to sleep
In the cradle the child she’ll keep
And lean her body against the wall
And deep in sleep will the nanny crawl. – Leon
Dear under appreciated nanny
The more-like-mummy in ways to many
Even mummy and daddy’s bed you make
Of course you must stay clear of the cream of the cake

The kitchen loves your embrace
The table smiles during grace
The house owes you its beautiful face
From that mop you cling to like a mace

Daddy’s smile earns you mummy’s disdain
Thus she scouts for reasons to complain
For no reason she’ll yell
Her stare will freeze like a spell

The kids you grow
Watched go to and fro
Will some day forget to call you aunty
Once old enough to figure your stay and sweat is of duty. – Tee2emm
The Nanny
One who stuff food in the belly
The belly of a young child
Also keeps him from running wild

The slave
Often required to behave
Specially if she’s still within the age
The age that attracts the adult rage

The girl
Hardly seen in a skirt that twirl
Looking herself like she needs care
Strutting around with feet bare

The woman
She’s never birthed another human
Here she is catering to a kid
Running around to do another’s bid.-Hybrid
Nanny! Nanny!
Created moments that were funny
See how I spell you in this poem
Never knew I would write you a poem

I appreciate
You left your kids to negotiate
Faithful finance in order to associate,
Provide for family as well as not depreciate

Held me in your laps
Taught me to smile whilst you counted slaps
Even when I did wrong
Your rod didn’t determine when the bell rung

Saving folks
From glowing yokes
Kitchen dirt
Didn’t define her skirt.- RachelCharles

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