Do not let your fire burnout!
Hold on to faith, charge at dreams!
Wear your strength, till its worn out
Let hope and drive pierce your soul with screams!

If your spirit sinks, and faith dies!
You’ll dine with fear, hunger and doubt!
weakness of bones, want like flies!
Laziness, harvests defeat in streams.-OracLe
Let my soul speak for the pen
Who slumber at the sight of diligence now!
Wealth doesn’t work magic with finger Ten.
Brain and heart infused,practice no negligence bow.

Slothful behaviour breeds boredom
Sleep some more,Lions feast files in your den
Ants are gather during summer but bask in whoredom.
Blaming who is not in the scene for folly foul.-Rachel Charles
feel too
tired to die
sleeping in a Zoo.

Please don’t wake me
because no eye
will see
You. – Rudolph
Perfect time is tomorrow
Takes more effort to keep busy
All these hours that you borrow
Spent in bed like a sleazy

No strength to lift up a muscle
No formal routine to follow
Body dares mind to wrestle
I want to try, just not easy.-Vera
Got up for school
Class is 10 ,am up by six
I must have forgotten a rule
Don’t know what to say in lines 5 and 6.

I am too tired
If I had to work like a tool
I will get fired
Because I can’t lay up sticks.-Hypermind
This is a clear example:
A broken lip
Says little
Sows less with nothing to reap.

And a cracked feet?
A broken bottle –
Contains nothing in it
Not a single air to keep. – Leon
Lazy is a buttock hanging loosely
Behind a woman with no intention
She dresses roughly
As if battling indecision

Put yourself together, loose one
Let your mind roam thoughtfully
Around shades that match your skin tone
Think fair one, get your mind out of detention.-Hybrid.

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