Dear Marriage


Yours was a tale of sowing nights
repaid to break the chains tied with singles.
The ‘gloriousness’ and future had foresight.
Do you remember light bells with dark jingles?

Dear Marriage
Tales of your chains reveal dark secrets,
when honey becomes the color of the sea.
See the strokes of death, broken with marked crests
when the salt begins to drown pain for free.

You marriage,
I will indulge if my damsel is stale
with my flaws and perfection like poems.
Should you find ice in the midst of hell,
smile and laugh, just wake from your dream. – Rudolph
Dearest Marriage,
I sometimes think of you
how beautiful it would be to know you
I would be rid of loneliness
You would lift me if sometimes I fall

Dear Marriage,
Thoughts of you terrifies me beyond words
how can I cling my free soul to one being?
be weighed down with troubles of another?
My dear, I cannot stand your disbelief in me!

I cannot seem to make up my mind
but this I would say
I will try, God knows i will!
If it be sink or swim, welcome destiny!- OracLe
Basking in the glory of the almighty,
Fulfilling half my deen, fearing Him for the other,
Soon I’d become a mother,
Loving my soulmate forever,
With joy peace and laughter.

The future filled with uncertainty,
Maybe I’d lose my lovely figure forever,
Fear of dealing with in-laws I remember,
What if we don’t understand ourselves better?
Or our love don’t grow stronger?

A life long contact signed with sincerity,
Disagree to agree, always remember,
With love we shall conquer,
Understanding and patience are better,
Dear marriage, to you i’m a learner.-Hijab Gurl
In sweetness, the awe of motherhood
Babysitting a man and his offsprings
To dialogue soul to soul,
Body to body
Basking in an ocean of friendship

I fear the demons in humans
That makes a stranger of bedmates
Where joined souls cheat their union
Where men become infidels
And women cry to the wall at night

But!When time and love lures me to vow
They’ll find me with a shield
Embracing this journey with its travails
Approaching one empire, one King
With the wisdom and grace of a real Queen… Omolola
To fight, settle for love’s war.
To wear your bond until death.
To feed my seed to adult plant.
To stick to one mate, to love-make.
To priest your church to show your faith.

Will night see the anger daylight hid?
Or feel the thunder his lateness bid?
Will two become one but split at sum?
When silence commits and plays dumb?
Will ‘i do’ come to be drowned by ‘no more’?

But if in time i find a need
I find a book i dare to read
Then the stories i shall learn
To tell of you, to tease your barn
That author shall be us! – Leon

Oh yes!The day we dreamed about
Is almost here.As young girls
We wished for a tall,dark,handsome sort
Now we pray for a happy home
Obedient children,mother-in-law bliss

Yes mother-in-laws that makes home
A court to give laws and ruin the grace
Bestowed upon the couple,Actually one.
Three a crowd,lets both Race
Not So Far,let my strength wing his power

Till death do us part,was my humble plea
No going back, my oathful league
Let’s play through the pain
Hold hands even when it burns
Like mama and papa,we clap 30 years.-Rachel Charles

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