Glow in Beauty and Glee: Emmanuel Udo Ibiok

They say, ‘I’m supposed to be the soldier, who never blows his composure’.
With the weight of the world on my shoulder, thats too much pressure.
I’ve been at one point for too long,you may call it seizure.
I hope to get my reward certainly, in full measure.
The opposition right now is several.
But I promise to make them run if they’d win a medal.
With my foot on the pedal,
Hand on the gear,
I’m standing up to my biggest fear,
Speeding away from dropping another tear.
And leaving this whole weight on the rear.
But I want to make this plea;
Keep glowing in beauty and glee.
I will remain your Eskaphine
Your rose petals when you walk on the floor
Your Bestie and a lot more
Above all #yourdjnextdoor
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