Aunty Corruption

The Chichidodo
Hates feces  but eats its worms
Aunty’s hot black pot
Boils for many to feed one-
Soils the thumb to chop the hand
The owl pleasures night.
“Chiamaka did you hear?
This ration will bite;
Soups are served in flat leaf plates.
One’s bowel has slit our guts.” – Leon
Her okra soup draws so well,
in black Benin pot.
Her charcoal hisses like hell
Masquerade shouts, hot!
She spiced it up with sea shell
from mama’s jackpot
Erigen! Erigen! spell
when babies crying a lot – Rudolph
The wind
In jolts of
Quick stabbing stares
I tasted her own meaning of changes
With leaking anus and a runny nose
Too sore to sit
And too weak
To stand
Sold it
Cheap to me.
I should have known
That to people in this town, cheap is fake. – Vera
She pounds stolen grains with much glee
Glee of a wicked birth; is she?
One that birthed scaly wags lone
Lone they tricked we the gods as one
Our huts lay empty with change sour
Village crier cries her pillage
Pillage, succor in our village?
Where she made kings and chiefs loot ware
Ware of sweat and toil, we go where?
Death is not our lot, we still breath…
Breath! For she alone is wished death – Omolola
History sweetens the
tapers wine, today it  taste
Like sugared water.
the cassava cost twice the
price for half yesterdays weight.
There is a famine
Yet our kings men fatten fast
Hunger knows not the
path to the home of the crown
Aunty corruption still lives – Daisy
On the queue I wait
Somberly for my turn too
Oust by another,
Not minding she still served them
I gawked like a lost zombie,
Welcome to naija
Where only the smart survive
I could just mutter
Aunty this is corruption
They laughed my naivety. – Hijab Gurl
Rude Boi neither time nor hullabaloo
Cleanses error
Make amend
Begin with self
Time champ, apologies will always work!
Ego fights
Building grey walls
Corrupt walls that soon must crumble to naught!-OracLe
New Government laughing Dancing glad
People so sad Moaning groaning mad. – Bangwan.
Her thatch roofed hut is an oven
Where pap and akara is baked
But her heart is like a coven
Her thatched roofed hut is an oven
This bakery’s beans is sullen
Cowries exchanged to what is faked
Her thatch roofed hut is an oven
Where pap and akara is baked. – Bamvy
That wry and ugly smile again
Beware what her mind brews next
Her sons got school, he got her cane
That wry and ugly smile again
Her only pleasure is his pain
Fair weathers came with her pretext
That wry and ugly smile again
Beware what her mind brews next. -Tee2emm
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