This mystery demystified, that I look upon the mountains with
mist in my eye, unveiling them with determinations of desire.
Taken like the wind took the dust, broken like the twig that
the boars crush, my ordeal I seek not to solve but with tantrums I burst.
Flying objects remind me of time coming and going but none
seem to be mine, so much for the race but to end with a thin line
My mothers breast so far as carried me till I crawled, seeing
myself moving from place to place but near to the floor.
I took my first stride, but how much distance can I cover if
I couldn’t cover that much on fours.
Now I fear that I have no spare, what happens if I lose a
pair? I hope crutches are near for my fate is not to share.
A pain so dear, but I
resort to a heart that cares. This mystery demystified, but rumors carry a
truce so that for the truth we may lie…

                                             -Jim U-
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