Let’s not pretend we
don’t love or need our parents despite their seemingly annoying attitudes.
Their parents as well also behaved in self-same way especially when they got
apprehensive. It’s only in the nature of parents, not intending to annoy their
kids, but probably doing so in a not-knowing manner. Most parents know these
reactions and expect them like due-for-delivery babies. In such cases, they
tend to approach their kids in a polite manner; hoping to reduce the
aggressiveness even in the most drastic and unpromising situations.
These stages of kids
believing that they are grown old enough to decide for themselves is peculiar
to the period of transition in  kids.
That stage where daddy shouldn’t request your assistance with authority (not
recommended) except with a subtle plea because your male reproductive organ has
got grasses around it. Mummy shouldn’t command your kitchen chores because your
breasts are fast bulging to your sudden realization and excitement. Those
stages where you are constantly reminded of your manhood; your attraction; your
beauty; your ego-supreme, your erection, your masturbation; your ejaculation.
All these fractions surround our thought pattern as we decisively disobey our
parents in order to assert our maturity and as such, force respect.
Parents however, shouldn’t in any way approach their kids as lords over them, but as friends who are ready
to share their lies, their truths, their sadness and their hates because this
can reduce their recalcitrance. Parents should also remember that if mature
youths are treated responsibly, they’ll behave like adults.
The problem with old
traditions is, they are hard to drop. They are clung to like sweet bad habits
because we are afraid to change them. Like I said in an initial writing, it’s
not the fear of the unknown like we are always used to saying. How can you be
afraid of what you don’t know? It’s the fear of the known; what you are aware
of letting go, what you are afraid of losing. It’s the fear of changing the
present experience which we consider very pleasant and not worth losing. We are
afraid of what will happen if we rearrange. So we just stick to accepting the despairing
point of being afraid of an unknown, somewhere unknown and probably even
unknown to itself. It’s pathetic how things turn out wrongly deciphered and
applied due to our narrow-minded sense of thought and reason application. An extended
exhibition of sacrosanctity, is boring.
James says, “I can’t be
super spiritual. I can only cement my present relationship with God which is
even on a contract basis. I do love God but not more than I do myself. I see
myself more often than I do him. So I shouldn’t be expected to love Him more
than me .I should love me more.”

ME: Okay.
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  • umar jimeta

    August 12, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    My first ejaculation was as a result of my first masturbation which was propelled by my first sexually motivated erection, i guess our parents had their own first time – traditional right?


    • leon

      August 13, 2013 at 9:35 pm

      Lol. Really? Just maybe tradition…yeah.


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