The Control Grid

                                                      LET’S SPILL …
the dawn of man bullies have attempted to dominate and control the tribe. Human
history has been one long struggle of the independent free human against
organized crime syndicates attempting to enslave him. Brute force has been
replaced with intimidation and propaganda. We are manipulated into enslaving
ourselves. We are conned into believing’ that the establishment is our loving’
keeper and not our parasitic master. The new world order architects are a group
of control freaks who have enslaved humanity and are desperate to keep control
of their cabinet. The elite is threatened by independent free humans who
control their own destinies. They are threatened by intelligence, by beauty, by
honor, by family. They seek to control and stir the destinies of humanity in a
direction that secures their power monopoly forever. They are sadistic,
callous, they think nothing of human life only control and keeping’ that
control. The entire world is being ingenuied, designed to be a prison planet, a
control grid over free humanity where no dissent is tolerated. Once you realize
it, the establishment is laughing at you. You can begin to research the truth
and start fighting back. Once you understand their game plan, it’s very easy to
defeat. Knowing who your enemy is, is half the battle, taking action is the
other half. You only have to free your mind and defeating the globalist would
be easy.
‘In the world of global deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary
act’-George Orwell (1984)
Break the proboscis, the flea dies
Kill the preacher, you stop redeeming lies.
Reasoning has lost its potency.

The human brain, now a sauce for omelette
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